We're On A Mission To Share Prayer!

  • Hi, my name is Ann 👋

  • How We Started...

    I started GraceAndPrayers.com in 2021. Our the goal is to help Christians start the conversation with God through prayer...and we haven't stopped!

  • Where We're Going...

    Now, we want to help Christians start the conversation with God and other Christians with Faith-inspired clothing!

How Did I Get Here?

My name is Ann and I created Grace and Prayers to share the power of prayer with Christians around the world.

Like many others before me who found their way to Jesus, my path hasn’t always been a straight line. In fact, it was anything but a straight line.

I wasn’t raised as a Christian but after years of struggle, substance abuse, and depression throughout my teens and early 20s I finally found Christ.

And I first found him in prayer.

In a moment of desperation, I used Google to search for a prayer to help me feel better. A prayer for joy and a prayer for healing. I was taken to a Christian forum (they’re no longer around) where different followers of Christ took the time to write out a prayer of healing for people who were struggling with depression.

I prayed that night for my life to start to improve and for me to find the strength I so desperately needed using the prayer that someone I had never met decided to post online.

And I found that strength.

The next day, I felt like I had never felt before and that was the start of my new life. I knew that God was to thank and now more than a decade later I’ve decided to "pray it forward" by collecting prayers for just about every situation I can think of. So no matter what problem you have, how stressed you are, or what you’re dealing with…we have a prayer for you. 

We’ve also expanded our influence well past this website, including the online store you're at right now. I’ve also published a complete book of prayers that you can find here and we’re also active on YouTube and Pinterest

When I’m not writing prayers or connecting with fellow Christians, you can find me spending time with my two sons, husband, or my cat Sam. 

Welcome to Grace and Prayers Shop!